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We are passionate, considerate, respectful, and empathetic toward those individuals and families touched by cancer. We believe that all people deserve the best treatment with dignity. we are an encouraging, dedicated, and supportive team contributing the society through our knowledge, wisdom, and humility.

We value the determination and drive of our colleagues to take bold steps to effect positive change. We believe in sharing experiences that can make significant positive changes in modern cancer treatment. We are honest and ethical in all that we do and engage in responsible decision-making that reflects the highest standards of care. This ensures that our credibility, leadership, and use of resources are never in question.

We value our history of learning as we strive for continuous improvement and development at all levels of the organization. We embrace a creative approach to finding solutions that are appropriate and consistent with the strategy, character and abilities of the organization. We value diversity and work hard to create a collaborative environment where we benefit from the technological perspectives of others.

The Medical Oncology Society of Bangladesh is made up of inspiring people who are leaders in their fields and those knowledge and expertise make a real difference in the fight against cancer. Our people have the energy and passion to contribute to a better future and to work tirelessly to improve lives now.

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